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Airoflex Service Legs

Airoflex Service Legs are an innovated engineered product for truck dumper safety. Service legs are steel structural supports that allow your dumper to achieve a raised “zero energy” state, preventing it from falling should there be a system failure or operator error. The use of service legs provides you easy and safe access to your dumper for cleaning, repairs, inspections, and maintenance. Service legs are easy to install and operate, and can be installed on most Airoflex and non-Airoflex dumpers.

Our service legs will provide access for maintainence and enhance the life of your dumper. Contact our sales representative to fit your truck dumper system with our custom engineered service legs.

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Standard Design/Airoflex Dumpers

  • Field verification by customer
  • Includes estimated loads for foundation design
  • Leg lengths from 16’ to 24’

Custom Engineered/Non-Airoflex Dumpers

  • Field verification by Airoflex
  • Includes estimated loads for foundation design
  • Non-standard arm lengths
  • Multiple height settings
  • Hydraulic operation for in-pit application